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Dear Walnuts,

Welcome to Walnut Hill Online! We are committed to continue world class arts education across all majors: Dance, Music, Theatre, Visual Arts and Writing, Film and Media Arts.

Your arts faculty has been hard at work imagining new ways to help you grow artistically and to work together in the coming weeks. Now is the time to put all that you have learned to good use, by refining your individual practice and keeping connected with our community remotely.

As your art teachers, many of us new at online learning, we will need your help to make our time together inspiring and productive. Our greatest challenge will be finding time to connect face to face. The Walnut Hill community is scattered all over the world with up to 14 hours of time difference that we need to bridge.  Let’s do this!

In the coming months, the arts will be needed more than ever. 

Mr. Viva has encouraged us to look at the current limitations of time and space as an opportunity. During these extraordinary times, artists are called upon as observers and commentators of the human experience.  I encourage you to go deep and push yourselves to embrace the discipline of your art form to develop a daily routine of creation and study. There are so many stories longing to be told and moments waiting to be captured. If you feel at a loss, remember the words of composer John Cage: Begin Anywhere!

Please reach out to your faculty with any thoughts or questions and ideas. We are all in this together and we hope to see you back on campus with a full heart and a flood of inspiration. 

In good health,

Nicola Conraths, Director of Artistic Studies

*With many thanks to visual arts instructor Holly Worthington, who made Boo, L’Artiste come to life!

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