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A New Look for Campus

In a recent project, our Visual Art Department students had the opportunity to dabble in “street art,” an art form practiced by artists around the world, in which wheat paste (a natural and biodegradable glue made of water and flour) is used to create vibrant poster work.

 This public work is usually installed in the middle of the night and can be subversive or “street” in its content, reflecting the lives of urban artists or their political views. Our students studied street artists from around the world and papered the Walnut Hill campus with their own art, resulting in striking additions to our campus landscape. Their task was to create an image, send it to a large-format printer, cut the image, and install it using ladders and buckets of wheat paste. We are pleased to share the work of these talented students with you—click here to check out all the images, as well as quotes from the artists themselves.

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