Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Leadership and Planned Gifts

Leadership Gifts

Gifts of $1,000 or more make up 85% of Walnut Hill’s annual giving and those of $25,000 or more make up over 90% of our capital support. These gifts represent a long-standing tradition of philanthropy that has served our School well.

Leadership gifts represent a longstanding tradition of philanthropy.

The role that leadership donors have and continue to play in the history of Walnut Hill is remarkable. They support our faculty, provide financial aid, and reflect the values of our community. Their reasons for making these inspired gifts vary, but our appreciation for them is unwavering.

Donors may wish to designate their Leadership Gifts to the Annual Fund, Capital Campaign or Endowment. Regardless of their use, Leadership Gifts form the cornerstone for all philanthropic giving at Walnut Hill.

Our advancement team is dedicated to working closely with our leadership donors to support all that you make possible at Walnut Hill. We value your commitments and appreciate the difference you make in the lives of our students, faculty and alumni. Feel free to contact Carole Allen-Scannell (508.652.7807, at your convenience with questions about making a Leadership Gift.

Planned Gifts

A Planned Gift is a donation from your assets instead of cash. With it you can create a meaningful philanthropic legacy through a bequest, beneficiary designation, trust or annuity. At Walnut Hill, we provide various giving options that have tax benefits and or life income depending on your needs.

Walnut Hill established The Ellison Circle to recognize the thoughtfulness of donors who make planned gifts. The group was named after Beatrice J. Edgerly Ellison, class of 1911 who made a legacy gift of $1,184,000 from a charitable remainder trust. Since that time we have grown to a modest membership of 99 individuals and have seen gifts ranging from $3,000 to $3 million from alumni, family, and friends who included Walnut Hill in their estate plans and other charitable gift arrangements

Planned gifts enable you to create a philanthropic legacy much more meaningful than you may have ever imagined.

Some planned gifts entitle you to an immediate income tax deduction; others provide flexibility during your lifetime and can provide benefits to your estate and your heirs. All of them enable you to create a philanthropic legacy much more meaningful than you may have ever imagined.

The gifts you plan today will create a solid foundation for Walnut Hill far into the future. We will be happy to share more information with you about planned gifts and how they can meet your personal, financial and philanthropic goals. Please contact Carole Allen-Scannell (508.652.7807, for more information.