When you make a gift to Walnut Hill’s endowment fund, you are truly making a gift with a future! These funds can support students, faculty, education programs, guest artists, or building maintenance, depending on your specifications.

Endowment funds are invested and only the earnings from these investments are expended. Each year a portion of these earnings are reinvested, ensuring that the fund retains its buying power over time. An endowed fund can make your influence last for generations.

Walnut Hill has a number of existing endowments that support many different aspects of the School. Gifts of any size can be added to existing endowment funds. Click on an area of interest below to learn more:

Establishing a New Endowment

While gifts of any size can be added to existing funds, you can also establish your own named endowed fund in several ways:

● Donating cash — online or otherwise;
● Donating securities;
● Creating a planned gift such as an annuity, charitable remainder trust or by making a bequest in your will;
● A combination of these options.

When you endow a fund, you may name it after yourself, or you may name it to honor and pay tribute to mentors or loved ones. A minimum gift of $50,000 is required to establish a new endowed fund. Gifts of any amount may be given to support current endowment funds.

To speak with someone about establishing an endowment, or other giving opportunities, please contact us at