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Performers showcase their work on stage twice a year in dynamic performances, with full theatrical sound, lighting, and effects that are designed to celebrate each child. Skills are taught each week through games, exercises and performance preparation. Most importantly, our goal is to provide a fun and safe environment to explore the wonderful world of theater. Join us for an exciting journey of creativity and self-expression!

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Productions (Fall 2024)

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Programs (Fall 2024)

Highlights from Willy Wonka Jr.

December 2023

Meet the Faculty

Katie Schiering

Katie Schiering

Director of Community Theater Academy
Bernadette Harding

Bernadette Harding

Community Theater Academy Instructor
Blayze Malmberg

Blayze Malmberg

Community Theater Academy Assistant Teacher

what are people saying about cta?

"We are so glad we found this magical place. It was clear from the beginning [our third grader] loved her Musical Theater class and teacher, Ms. Alex . . . At home, her script for the fall show was always by her side and both of her sisters had no choice but to learn the songs from the script because [she] was always singing them. The production was such a blast. As [she] moved into Mr. Todd's class for spring, the magic continued. The Moana script continued to be a permanent fixture at the dinner table and around the house. In fact, [she] struggled a bit with reading in school at the beginning of the year and generally wasn't very interested in reading on her own but once she started theater, we noticed she would sit there for good chunks of time just reading the script on her own. Her reading ability took a huge leap forward and her endless energy of rolling around the house at times got redirected into this newfound love for reading her scripts. The Moana performance was spectacular. The kids radiated the care and love they clearly receive through this program. Thank you for creating this amazing place and having an incredible staff that brings out the best in these kids!" — Natasha S.

"I cannot thank you enough for everything this spring. [My eighth grader] has loved every minute of it. I was blown away by the show and the entire cast. Well done!!!" — Danielle M.

"CTA has been a wonderful part of [my seventh grader's] year! The warmth, inclusiveness, and technical direction have been equally impressive. As a slightly younger member of her group, she has felt included. She appreciates the way the teachers mentor all of the students in terms of being a cohesive, supportive cast for each other. And I cannot believe how much all of the students have grown in their theatrical skills! From [LINX] until now, I see a major transformation! We all really appreciated the mics, lights, and set as well. They showcased the performers without overshadowing them. Theater played a big part in building [her] social confidence, giving her an activity to feel proud of through hard work, and providing a whole extra social circle for friendships. KUDOS to you and the entire CTA team." — Elizabeth W.

"Thank you so much for all of your encouragement, guidance, teaching and mentorship over this past year. My [third grader] has gained so much confidence and we could not imagine a better year of theater class. Thank you again for everything." — Nicole S.