Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Building upon our tradition of providing innovative arts training, we seek funding to further enhance our arts curriculum and programming and to stay current and relevant in this important work. Help us ensure that our young artists go into the world equipped and ready for the next level of their education and training. Invest in our core arts programs by adding a much needed recording studio to our campus, or by sponsoring a diverse group of visiting artists to Walnut Hill, or by funding outreach beyond Highland Street.

An artist must feel something in order for their art to mean something. At Walnut Hill, we know that educating the whole student is critical to the success of our programs. Central to this belief is that Walnuts should be prepared to go out into the world and leave their mark as compassionate, kind, and thoughtful citizens. Your gift will be used to increase need-based financial aid, to expand our health and wellness initiatives, or to provide free arts programming to the local communities surrounding campus.

The essence of our mission is to educate young artists. For 125 years, Walnut Hill has boasted a solid college preparatory program that provides graduates with a foundation that will support them for the rest of their lives. In this anniversary year, we seek funding that will allow us to continue to develop smart artists. Expanding our classroom technology, exploring partnerships, and increasing resources for faculty professional development will allow Walnut Hill to continue serving our students not just artistically, but academically as well.

The school that Ms. Bigelow and Ms. Conant conceived of in 1893 continues to thrive and grow in vibrant ways today. In honor of their vision, and the leadership and commitment of those who have come before us, we seek support to further secure our place in the world as a pre-eminent independent arts school. Funding and resources dedicated to our broader mission will allow us to strengthen our School, invest more deeply in infrastructure, and dedicate a place on campus to properly store and display our historic documents, photographs, and archival material. 


%22$125 gift card donation%22

$125 Gift cards are applicable to the following funds:

Discretionary funds used for special students requests etc. 

For faculty & staff training & professional development which include but are not limited to courses, classes, meetings, & speakers.

Upgrading & maintaining campus piano inventory as we work toward becoming an All-Steinway School.