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Writing, Film & Media Arts is home to storytelling on the page, the stage, and the screen. We believe that process is equal to product and that a multi-disciplinary arts experience prepares students to be versatile creators. Our program offers a possibility-rich environment where students can develop an original voice and vision. Through studio courses, practicums, and master classes with notable guest artists, students invest in the process of creating dynamic stories with words and images. In all areas of study, supportive faculty help students cultivate the skills and habits necessary to approach their college pursuits with a creative and technical edge.




Student Work

New Ink/Rough Cuts 2022

Senior Show 2023 — trailers


Script to Screen 2023

Where can a Walnut Hill education take you?

During their time as students at Walnut Hill, creative writers and filmmakers have received awards and recognition for their work from an impressive roster of organizations and competitions, including:

All American High School Film Festival - Foyle Young Poets of the Year - Helen Creeley Student Poetry Prize - Juniper Institute for Young Writers - Louise Louis/Emily F. Bourne Student Award from the Poetry Society of America - Kansas City FilmFest - Nashville Film Festival - National YoungArts Foundation - New England Young Writers Conference at Breadloaf - New Jersey International Film Festival - Philips Academy Interscholastic Film Festival - Princeton Creative Arts and Humanities Symposium - Salem Film Festival - Five-Minute High School Student Documentary Contest - Scholastic Writing Awards - Smith College Poetry Prize - United States Presidential Scholars Program - Williston Film Festival - YoungFilmmakers New York

Meet the Faculty

Margaret Funkhouser

Margaret Funkhouser

Director of Writing Film & Media Arts
Katherine McVety

Katherine McVety

Visual Art Teacher, Writing, Film & Media Arts Teacher
Ronán Noone

Ronán Noone

Creative Writing Teacher
Matthew Seifert

Matthew Seifert

WFMA Teacher

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