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International Students

Welcome, International Students!

I am excited to welcome you to campus in the fall! My role here at Walnut Hill is to make sure all international students are supported. I serve as a resource for information on immigration and visas, academic, social, or cultural issues, or just general questions! Please email me at

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Lauren Johanson
International Program Coordinator

International Student Checklist

  1. Secure F-1 student visa.
    See I-20 packet for step-by-step instructions.
  2. Make travel plans.
    A parent should accompany new students to registration. We recommend arriving in the area a few days before registration. Please see "Getting to Walnut Hill" for local hotel, restaurant, and shopping ideas.
  3. Complete Health Forms on Parent Portal.
    Schedule an appointment with your doctor. You will need to submit documentation of a physical exam and required immunizations prior to arriving on campus. After your medical exam, upload the documentation on the Magnus Health Portal.
  4. Complete registration forms.
    The registration forms include course selection, dorm preferences, parent permissions, and contact information. Parents will receive an email with the link to the forms.
  5. Set up a U.S. cell phone account.
    SIM card and instructions are included in your I-20 packet.
  6. Decide if you will open a U.S. bank account.
    You may choose to open a bank account here in the U.S or to use a credit card from home. PLEASE NOTE: Some stores and websites do not allow you to pay with an international credit card. Check with your bank regarding the fees for international purchases, withdrawals, and money transfers to determine which option is best for you.
  7. Schedule appointment with Health Center.
    If you arrive a few days before registration, we recommend meeting with the Health Center early to make sure all of your health information is in order. Email and let them know your U.S. arrival date and times you are available.
  8. Review the 2018-2019 School Calendar.
    Please plan your travel in advance and only travel on the allotted dates. While we know that airfares can vary greatly based on date, we need to adhere to the travel dates to minimize disruptions to the program and ensure smooth departures and returns around school breaks.
  9. Questions about your tuition or billing?
    Click HERE for payment information or contact Lauren Gaspar in the business office at


Magnus Online Health Forms

Both new and returning families must complete health forms prior to the start of each school year.  It is imperative that these be completed prior to arrival on campus. 

Health Information Overview

Required Health Forms
Print these forms and bring them to your physical. We will also accept a physical exam form provided by a doctor's office if it includes immunization records.

Log in to Magnus Health
Ready to complete the health information? Click here to upload your documents and provide additional information.



Laundry Service

Boarders, interested in laundry service during the school year? Walnut Hill partners with E&R - The Campus Laundry to provide optional laundry service to all interested students. Read their brochure for more information and to sign up.