Boarding students at Walnut Hill are housed in eight dormitories. Students are generally assigned dormitories by grade level—with freshmen housed with sophomores and juniors housed with seniors—allowing for appropriate programming and support for students in each dorm. Dorms range in size from 15 to 50 students, and all are supervised by trained Dorm Parents. Students may live in single, double, or triple rooms. Most students share common bathrooms. New students should expect to have a roommate. All dormitories have a common living space with refrigerator, microwave, television, and DVD players for the enjoyment of all the residents.

Dormitory Facts and Figures


  • 19 double rooms, 2 single rooms
  • Bishop is the newest dorm on campus, constructed in 2007 and named after Walnut Hill alumna and Poet Laureate Elizabeth Bishop '30.


  • 1 triple room, 8 double rooms, 2 single rooms
  • Clark was not originally part of the Walnut Hill campus, but was built as a home and later donated to the School.


  • 1 triple room, 3 double rooms, 27 single rooms
  • Since the founding of the School, Eliot has in many ways remained the center and home base of the campus: Eliot dorm is housed in the same building as Boswell Recital Hall, Keefe Center, the Campus Center, and the Dining Hall.


  • 5 triple rooms, 4 double rooms, 5 single rooms.
  • Highland Hall, which now contains a dormitory and the visual art studios, is one of the oldest buildings on campus. When it was first built, it contained a reference reading room, laboratory, and gymnasium, among other spaces.

New Cottage

  • 4 double rooms, 4 single rooms
  • New Cottage is one of two dorms with out-of-dorm affiliate Dorm Parents. New Cottage has the longest-serving Dorm Parents on campus: Heather and Ron Reid have been Dorm Parents in New Cottage for close to 40 years.

North House

  • 2 double rooms, 8 single rooms
  • North House is a gender-inclusive house, which students can voluntarily opt-in to with parental approval during the housing selection process. It is one of two dorms with out-of-dorm affiliate Dorm Parents.


  • 8 double rooms, 19 single rooms
  • Stowe—the oldest School building on campus—was named after Harriet Beecher Stowe. Stowe’s husband, who was born in South Natick, brought her to the town frequently, and she based many of her stories on the scenes and characters she encountered here.


  • 6 double rooms, 33 single rooms
  • Westerly is one of the largest dorms on campus and has only been a boys’ dorm once—and that year it was the only boys’ dorm on campus.