Student Activities

Every day, our students embody the motto Non nobis solum: Not for ourselves alone. In the midst of busy schedules full of academic and arts classes, students make time to be leaders, both at Walnut Hill and in the larger community.

Through clubs and student organizations, students provide supplies to food pantries and overseas humanitarian efforts, perform a cappella for the local community, hold fashion shows, and compete in Academic Olympiads. They make a real difference in one another’s lives and in the lives of others—and they have some serious fun. Through participation in activities, they are able to connect with one another in exploring their interests beyond their arts and academic studies, while learning how to balance and prioritize their time.


What does leadership at Walnut Hill mean?

Our student leaders are taught that trust and respect are at the core of strong leadership. Leadership students are involved in a myriad of campus initiatives, traditions, and committees. At Orientation each August, the campus shines with the bright light of our energetic student leaders as they welcome new students and families to campus. Our student-run Community Council is the voice of the campus, communicating ideas and feedback to the administration. Students can lead as Dorm Presidents, Disciplinary Committee members, Club Heads, Class Presidents, Department Representatives, and Gold Key members, or plan creative campus events as a part of our student-run Activities Board.

Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs are an integral part of student life at Walnut Hill—we believe that giving students a space to explore and share outside interests and passions makes our community all the more engaged and vibrant.

Our school schedule features a Community Programs time period of the day to ensure that all students can be leaders or members of student organizations. Supported by faculty and staff advisors, students spend Community Programs time diving into fun and interesting projects together.

Learn more below about the many student organizations active at Walnut Hill.

Community Service Association
Environmental Action Club (EnAct)
Fashion Club
Gender & Sexuality Alliance
Jewish Student Union
K-Pop Club
Newspaper Club
Sweaty Walnuts Engaging In Athletic Things (SWEAT)
Walnut Hill Arts Action Team (WHAACT)
Yearbook Club