Walnut Hill School for the Arts



The Nexus program is an innovative approach to college-preparatory academics for young artists. It allows for depth of study and authentic learning experiences while providing a humane pace to the day for our busy students.

Depth of Understanding

The school year is divided into two semesters: from September to January and from January to June. Academic classes are scheduled during four academic blocks between 8:00am and 2:00pm. Students also have a scheduled lunch period during C-Block or D-Block.

Each semester, students carry a minimum of two—and a maximum of three—academic courses, so their energies are split between fewer obligations than those of a traditional high school schedule. To support depth of understanding in traditional academic areas, each course meets five days per week, for 70 minutes.


All teachers are routinely available outside of class to assist students who would like to review key concepts or material in greater depth. Teachers and students all have common free time for one 35-minute period (X-Block) during each academic day expressly for the purpose of providing and receiving extra help.

Community Program Blocks

Having all-community time in the middle of the day means that academic and arts faculty can overlap and the community can come together as a whole. This time is used variously for Assemblies, advisory sessions, clubs, faculty meetings, and class meetings.


The whole community meets once weekly at Assembly on Wednesdays. Wednesday Assembly is a time for the faculty and students to come together to share announcements and updates, short community games, performances, and guest speakers. This block of time also has the potential to be used for faculty meetings or class meetings.

Study Hall

Study Hall is supervised in the dormitories from 8:00pm to 9:30pm, Sunday through Thursday. Students with programmatic responsibilities (rehearsals, classes, college meetings, library needs, etc.) may request to be placed on the Evening List (“E-list”) by a member of the faculty. Students on the E-list must return to the dormitories by 10:00pm.