At Walnut Hill, the school year is divided into two semesters: from September through December and February through June. During the month of January, Kaleidoscope, our January Term program, takes place for the entire community for three weeks.

Each semester, students carry a minimum of two—and a maximum of three—academic courses, so their energies are split between fewer obligations than those of a traditional high school schedule and support their afternoon artistic program.

Academic classes are scheduled during three academic blocks between 8:20am and 1:15pm. Arts classes are scheduled between 2:00pm and 6:00pm.

The entire school community gathers for Assembly on Wednesdays. Students meet in their advisories that day and may also participate in clubs and student organizations during our Community Time block.

Students have free time during the day depending on their individual schedules. Students may use this time for things like studying, practicing, rehearsing, or relaxing with friends.

Following dinner, students engage in academic work, artistic work, student meetings, fitness pursuits, social time, personal time (showers, laundry), and rehearsals. All students, with the exception of those on E-list, check-in with their dorm parents by 7:45pm (7:00pm on Sundays). 

Study Hall takes place from 8:00–9:30pm. Students with evening programmatic responsibilities (rehearsals, classes, college meetings, study needs) taking place after 7:00pm are placed on the Evening School List (E-list). Students on the E-list return to the dormitories by 10:00pm. There is no E-list on Sunday evenings.

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