Daily Life

Students in the Walnut Hill Dining Hall

Imagine performing with students from Japan, Germany, China, and Mexico, or living in a dorm with friends who come from four different continents and vastly different lifestyles. Walnut Hill, perhaps more than any other high school, maintains a culture of mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance that elevates everyone’s thinking. It’s an engaging community with extraordinarily high standards and a level of maturity not often found among high school students. At Walnut Hill, students work incredibly hard to achieve their artistic and academic goals. But they also learn how to balance that hard work with a broad variety of social, health and wellness, and community service activities.

On a given day, a student might compete in a knitting competition sponsored by the Community Service Association, meet with a faculty member, catch up with friends on the way out of Assembly, and enjoy cocoa and a movie marathon at the Campus Center. Our 30-acre campus includes 16 buildings that contain spaces for living and learning, complete with beautiful and welcoming common areas. Many Walnuts participate in one or more student organizations or serve the student body in a leadership role. All students also have the chance to be a part of schoolwide traditions, such as the Boar’s Head Feast in the fall and Candlelight in the spring.