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Welcome to ART360

ART360 is Walnut Hill’s collaborative arts exploration program, and the first of its kind among the independent arts schools in the nation. It’s an opportunity to further prepare our students to thrive as future professionals in today’s interdisciplinary and collaborative economy. It’s also a chance for them to try something new, or get better at an interest they’ve already cultivated, and have fun in a creative and safe space.

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Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible (depending on the semester) to take an ART360 class.  They choose from a list of interdisciplinary arts classes, which could include such varied topics as hip-hop, guitar, podcasting, apparel class, game design, or digital photography. Classes are held once a week on Fridays. There are no grades and no homework, just a chance to explore and experience an art form outside their major.


Courses in ART360


This course focuses on creativity in apparel design, rather than strict sewing techniques. Students will learn the basics of apparel construction and how to transform flat patterns into three-dimensional garments while tracking their creative ideas with a sketchbook and mood board. Once engaged, students will have the freedom to proceed with higher level projects and pursue their inspiration with guidance. Students will complete two garments by the end of the semester, the first focusing on shorts, skirts, or pajama pants, while the second is only limited by their imagination!

Instructor: Stephanie Macklin, Visual Arts Instructor


Rock, pop, soul, country, or folk: many great songs can be played with only four chords. Each week, we'll learn to play and sing songs on guitar and ukulele. Students will learn how to communicate and work together in music groups of various sizes. This course will foster a positive working environment where healthy risk-taking and collaboration are key among players with a variety of experience levels.

Instructor: Jason Stumpf, Director of Humanities


This course, led by Head of School and photography aficionado Antonio Viva, will cover basic concepts and practice of digital photography, including understanding and use of the camera, lenses, and other basic photographic equipment. The course will address aesthetic principles as they relate to composition, space, exposure, light, and color. The classes will be organized around unique photo projects where students can explore, expand and develop their eye as photographers. Basic digital manipulations of images will be taught in preparation for creating a photo portfolio of images. The final product will include a zine produced by students taking the class.

Instructor: Antonio Viva, Head of School 


Podcasting and Radio Drama

In Sudden Scenes, students will create short collaborative radio dramas each week, exploring, stretching, and breaking the constraints and possibilities of audio storytelling. With a focus on fun, spontaneity, and process, students will learn and practice creative collaboration and storytelling. This course will include basic technical training in audio design, recording, and editing.

Instructors: Ben Gregg, Director of Academic Studies & Naomi Bailis, Theater Faculty


Finding Inspiration On the Mat and On the Page

There are many similarities between the practices of yoga and writing. Both practices are strengthened with discipline and focus, yet at times, both require “letting go.” In this class, students will practice yoga and writing together: using writing to help them develop a yoga practice, and using yoga to inspire them to write. The first half of each class will be spent working through a series of meditations and yoga postures, and the second half of class will be spent writing. There are two main goals for this class. The first is to help students lower levels of stress, increase focus, and become more attuned to their bodies and minds. The second goal is to strengthen their skills as writers and artists by listening to and recording their authentic thoughts.

Instructor: Kate Westhaver, Humanities Faculty


Are you ready to dance? Whether students have danced before or not danced at all, they can learn the elements and rhythms of hip hop dance in a Walnut Hill dance studio. 

Instructor: Maggie Pitts, Theater Faculty


Exploration and experimentation of how the body can be manipulated in the space is the primary goal of this course. Incorporating the use of task-based improvisation and partner work will help students find a connection with their physical body through dance and music. Students will be encouraged to not only enhance their range of movement but also further their creativity through the expression of dance. The course will culminate in a final presentation in which students will present their own choreography based on the exercises utilized throughout the semester.

Instructor: Katie Kozul, Dance Faculty


Game Art and Design

Drawing inspiration from Exit: The Game, Escape the Room, Unlock!, and Journal 29, this course will bring game design and game art together to challenge students to create an escape room. They will learn the tenets of game design to generate rules and player behaviors within a scenario. Students will also use game art to build a narrative and bring artistic flair to their puzzles. Working collaboratively students will produce one escape the room board game. This game will then be made available to the larger Walnut Hill community to play. The artwork created will also be printed and displayed, in large format, separate from the game for the community to appreciate.

Instructors: Eileen DeRosas, Visual Art Faculty &
Matt Seifert, Writing, Film & Media Arts Faculty

ART360 Faculty

Naomi Bailis

Naomi Bailis

Titles: Theater Faculty
Eileen de Rosas

Eileen de Rosas

Titles: Ceramics Instructor & Visual Art Studio Assistant
Benjamin Gregg

Benjamin Gregg

Titles: Director of Academic Studies
Katie Kozul

Katie Kozul

Titles: Dance Faculty
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