About ART360

ART360 is Walnut Hill’s unique cross-departmental program designed to prepare our students to thrive as artists in today’s interdisciplinary and collaborative world. This engaging program provides a weekly pathway for students from each major to experience artistic disciplines from outside their area of focus.

The classes are envisioned as a space for students to challenge themselves, have fun, and safely experiment with and explore artistic practices that may be unfamiliar but intriguing, or established interests outside of their major. By learning alongside and collaborating with students from all arts departments, students discover the synergy between their chosen artistic focus and that of their peers, and learn to understand how their practice may fit into an interdisciplinary workplace. 

How It Works

Students attend twelve 40-minute class sessions throughout the semester, each designed to deepen students' curiosity about the world in which they live and create. At the close of the semester, students will present and showcase their work by way of a final project, program, proposal, or experience shared with the full Walnut Hill community.

ART360: Fall 2023 Course Catalog