Walnut Hill School for the Arts

World Languages

What do you stand to gain when you leave all English speaking at the door?

A window into a whole new world.

In the Walnut Hill World Languages Department, we know that knowledge of another language and culture is essential in today’s global and multicultural society. All of our classes are taught through full immersion—which means that the class is conducted entirely in the target language from the first day of the introductory level through the highest-level literature courses. We encourage active participation in the classroom, as all other language skills flow from the ability to speak. Students must take risks and accept challenges that strengthen their capacity to communicate their thoughts, ideas, hopes, and needs. The use of technology in the classroom enhances the learning process and incorporates cultural lessons along with language acquisition exercises to help students understand that language and culture are inseparable concepts.

We value and reinforce respect for the “other”—whether another culture, community, or individual—and our entire curriculum helps students develop skills that will enable them to relate more effectively to peers on campus and everyone they encounter after graduation.