Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 16 academic credits is required for graduation from Walnut Hill, with a minimum of 4 academic credits to be completed each year at the School.

Academic requirements are as follows:

  • 4 credits of English
  • 3 credits of mathematics
  • 2 credits of history, one of which must be United States History
  • 2 credits of a laboratory science
  • 2 credits of consecutive courses of the same modern world language
  • 3 additional academic credits in any of the departments

Every academic course is one semester in length, may be scheduled in either the fall or the spring semester, and confers one credit; Music History and Music Theory are also considered academic courses and confer one credit each. Exceptions to this are French 1A and Spanish 1A, which must be taken in the fall and followed by French 1B or Spanish 1B in the spring.

International students for whom English is a second language must fulfill all of the above requirements with the exception of the modern world language requirement. Courses for English Language Learners count toward the English graduation requirement.

As part of our school’s commitment to the whole student-artist, students are required to complete a fitness requirement of three 30-minute workouts per week. This requirement can be met through Fitness Center workouts, instructor-led fitness classes, and the use of jogging or walking routes off campus. We also offer a variety of team/group activities, such as basketball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and tetherball for students to participate in and enjoy. This requirement offers students an opportunity to try something new, have some fun, and reap the benefits of living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Students must meet all the requirements of their arts concentration every year they are enrolled, including senior year. Arts requirements are found under the appropriate arts major.

Students entering Walnut Hill from other secondary schools may have their prior credits applied toward Walnut Hill diploma requirements upon admission to the School, pending approval of the Director of Academic Studies and the appropriate department. After they have begun at Walnut Hill, students must complete their diploma requirements with courses taken at the School.

A Walnut Hill diploma is awarded upon completion of a four-year high school program, with at least the senior year being completed at Walnut Hill. Students are admitted at specific grade levels based on their academic and artistic development prior to coming to Walnut Hill. Because of the unique nature of the arts programs, enrolled students are not permitted to take semesters or years abroad or participate in other alternative programs during the academic year.

A student who fails a course in the second semester of senior year may not be permitted to graduate.