Walnut Hill School for the Arts
%22What does it mean to be an arts high school%22

It means we offer intensive, pre-professional artistic training and a comprehensive college-preparatory academic curriculum, preparing our students for wherever their path may lead them after graduation. It means our expert faculty members, both in the arts programs and in the academic classrooms, are here because they want to work with young artists and they understand and practice different approaches to teaching to allow them to flourish. It means talented high school students don’t need to relegate the practice of their art to an afterschool activity, and that their high school education doesn’t need to take a backseat to their artistic pursuits.

At Walnut Hill, it means living, working, and studying with a diverse and talented community of creative and passionate people from across the country and the globe.

All students at Walnut Hill major in one of five arts—dance; music; theater; visual art; or writing, film & media arts. From weekday mornings until early afternoon, students can be found engaging in spirited debates in history class, practicing algebraic concepts, testing the properties of gases in chemistry lab, or conversing in French or Spanish. In the afternoons and early evenings, students take to the studios and direct their attention to the practice of their chosen art form, whether in pointe class, a theater rehearsal, or a poetry workshop. In addition to classes and rehearsals, there are dedicated times during the week devoted to community-building, including student club meetings, advisory meetings, and all-School Assemblies often featuring special programming. Walnut Hill School for the Arts also offers ample opportunities to perform, exhibit, and experience art throughout the school year, both on and off the campus.