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#unlockthe50K: Walnut Hill Alumni Giving Participation Challenge 2020 

Did you know that alumni giving has been growing at record rates? That’s good news, because philanthropy provides the fuel that sustains our programs here on the Hill. Our annual budget could not be supported without the generosity of the Walnut Hill community. Annual Fund gifts help support all aspects of our School - from faculty & staff salaries, to facilities upkeep, to financial aid for our students. There are precious few places that are as rich in wonder, diversity, and discovery as Walnut Hill. In the spirit of Non Nobis Solum, please help continue the tradition of alumni giving back.

To help keep up the amazing alumni giving momentum, our Board of Trustees has offered a $50,000 'reward' if we can reach 20% alumni participation! 

Your gift might be the key to unlocking these funds - please give today if you haven’t given this year! (To qualify, gifts must be received by June 30, 2020)

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