Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Join Us for Reunion 2017!
We are excited to see you.


A weekend filled with activities:
Reunion Dinners
All School Lunch
New Works
Happy Hour
Dinner and Alumni Awards
and much more
Download the full schedule of events.

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Attendee List

See which of your friends and classmates have already registered.

Class of 1945
Connie Garbutt

Class of 1962
Carolyn Suffern
Hilary Fearon White
Janet Murphy Leavitt
Meg Fallon Wheeler
Sherry Craig Lowe
Cindy Newell Oliver
Priscilla Coffin

Class of 1964
Carol Ring Lynch

Class of 1965
Betsy Paine McClendon
Mary Barlow Mueller

Class of 1966
Jo-Ann Edinburg Pinkowitz

Class of 1967
Merrill Park Keeley
Louisa Hammond Garrison
Ann Colucci Thompson
Chris English LeBeau
Kathy Carr Mulkerron
Caren MacPhie Lederer
Bonnie Smith
Nancy Sargent Howard
Catherine Phinizy
Karen Sletteland
Nancy Wells Silvester
Kendall Carlisle Temper
Julie Clement Sanford
Sherry Koenig
Laura Young
Terry Comstock
Darcy Bell Donald
Ann Bacon Spooner
Sue Nee Todd
Trish Murray Bridier
Janie Morse Rifkin

Class of 1972
Linda Piccinini
Elizabeth Gosnell Biggs

Class of 1977
Elizabeth Griffey

Class of 1989
Luke Rothschild

Class of 1994
Jordan McCullough

Class of 1995
Gloria Chien

Class of 1998
Ashima Scripp

Class of 2003
Nils Neubert

Class of 2007
Patrick Curry

Class of 2008
Garrett Murphy

Class of 2011
Evangeline Delgado

Class of 2012
Daniel Salas
Annie Lloyd
Anya Wilkening
Allison Weyler
Nick Davies

Class of 2013
Ashley Robillard
Audrey Emerson

Anne Murphy
Steven Durning
Raymonde Arseneau
Joe Cabral
Mike Bucco
Jenny Elowitch
Laura Thielke
Whit Brown
Margaret Funkhouser
Jim Woodside
Michael Owen
Diane Arvanites
Melissa Cassel
Ben Gregg
Jeanne Munroe

The deadline to register is Friday, May 12th.

Event Fees

We strive to keep fees as low as possible to keep Reunion accessible to everyone. A number of activities are free of charge, and others have a small fee associated. Please note that these fees do not cover the full costs of Reunion.

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