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Alumni Spotlight: Bailey Moon '11
Alumni Spotlight: Bailey Moon '11

Bailey Moon remembers visiting New York City for the first time at age 11 and taking a class with Kathy Kozul. "It was one of those life-changing classes where I had never felt so inspired and motivated to dance," Bailey recalls. He then went on to audition for Walnut Hill and was accepted. "From the very moment I stepped onto campus," Bailey explains, "I knew it was the right place for me." He continued studying with Kozul at Walnut Hill, and credits their "special relationship" and her continued support as "crucial" to his development. After graduating from New York University in just three years with a double major in dance and journalism, Bailey changed course and entered the world of fashion. He currently works for a creative image consulting agency, leading a small team with a focus on VIP relations. He describes his days as "ever-changing" as he bounces from activities such as "fitting celebrities for red carpet appearances" to "organizing press features and working with magazines for shoots." Bailey feels that he was well prepared by his dance education for his eventual career, as he was taught "discipline, tenacity, and ambition," all of which has helped him excel. He notes, "A celebrity stylist that I often work with is a former dancer and knew instantly when we met that I had a background in dance. As she often says to me, 'Once a dancer, always a dancer.'"