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Alumni Profile: Tony Rymer '07

At the age of 14, after observing Walnut Hill students at the New England Conservatory Preparatory School, Tony Rymer made the decision to become a Walnut himself. “They struck me as being wonderful musicians and their tight-knit community appealed to me,” Tony explains. Once he arrived at Walnut Hill as a freshman, he knew almost immediately that he had made the right decision. Tony describes the inspiration he experienced as “immense,” and notes that he was motivated to practice more than ever before. All that practice certainly paid off, as Tony keeps himself quite busy these days with his career as a cellist! Currently a resident of Berlin, where he is happy to be situated near some incredible music institutions, Tony spends his days practicing, traveling, and performing in concerts. “I play a bit of everything: chamber music, solo, recitals, concertos, and even some orchestra,” he tells us. Tony feels that during his time at Walnut Hill, he learned “how valuable a close circle of colleagues can be to maintain constant inspiration and curiosity.” Tony’s music classes here on the Hill were foundational to his career as a musician, and he notes that the skills he learned here are ever relevant in his everyday life. He notes, “The kick that Walnut Hill gave me in all of these directions created momentum that keeps me going to this day.”