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Alumni Profile: Jung-A Bang '07

Jung-A Bang came to Walnut Hill when she was 14, having applied without knowing much about the School. Her teacher in Korea believed that she belonged here on the Hill and encouraged her to attend. Jung-A was initially not convinced of her future as a musician, but after coming to Walnut Hill, everything changed. “I was fascinated by all my colleagues because they seemed to know what they were really passionate about and dedicated most of their time to become better musicians,” says Jung-A. “I was lucky to be part of such an inspiring community.” In addition, she loved being surrounded by artists from other disciplines, who inspired her “in every way” to pursue her passion. Jung-A credits Walnut Hill for her communication skills as a musician, which she was able to develop due to the supportive community she found here. “Playing chamber music with colleagues, singing in the choir, participating in weekly master classes, Open Assembly, and department meetings—all of these encouraged me to speak out and work with others with an open heart!” After graduation, Jung-A ended up at New England Conservatory, where she is currently working toward her doctorate. When she’s not writing her dissertation, she stays busy performing as a staff pianist at NEC, as well as teaching at MIT and Walnut Hill. Jung-A notes that she is learning to become a better multitasker, and despite her busy schedule, she feels grateful for the opportunity to work with students across the Boston area. “The more I work with students and see their growth, the more I feel assured of the meaningful work I do as an educator.”