Walnut Hill School for the Arts
"The enemy of art is the absence of limitations."
-Orson Welles

We are currently separated by time, space, and circumstance. Yet, we need to continue to engage with one another, even if we do not have the luxury of many of our everyday resources and tools. This is a creative and artistic limitation that should force us to imagine new ways to communicate our ideas to each other and the world around us. Now is the perfect time to explore the truest form of artistic creativity and expression, and let’s make sure we use every channel at our disposal to share that work with the rest of the world. Tag your creative work #walnuthillarts, follow the hashtag, and pass it on.  

We know this pandemic has provided a difficult reality for everyone, and artists in particular may be facing very real economic challenges. We want to support you and create a space to share resources. Please update us on what you’re doing and share your contact info on this page.

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Antonio Viva, Head of School

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