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Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Payment Options

Walnut Hill School for the Arts offers tuition payment plans as well as financing options. In order to enroll, every family must first pay a deposit of 10% of the net tuition. Information on these options will be sent with enrollment materials.

Option A

Payment is made in full, usually by June 1. For this option, families may choose to select or waive Tuition Refund Insurance (TRI).

Option B

Tuition and fees will be billed and payable in two installments. The first payment is 60% of the tuition and fees and is due usually by June 1. The remaining 40% of the tuition and fees is due by November 1. Families must select Tuition Refund Insurance if choosing Option B.

Option C

Ten monthly payments made through Tuition Pay from May through February. Waiving the Tuition Refund Insurance is not permitted for Option C.