International Applicants

Each year, Walnut Hill welcomes student-artists from around the world. These students add to the cultural diversity of our school and enrich the experience of all community members. Friendships that are formed between students during these high school years broaden our world perspectives and often last a lifetime. 

International applicants are required to complete Walnut Hill’s admission application, complete an admission interview, and complete an audition or portfolio review. In addition, international students must demonstrate English proficiency by submitting DuoLingo test results.


Who must take DuoLingo?

All students—regardless of citizenship—whose first/primary/native language is not English must submit an official DuoLingo assessment. Test results must be sent electronically directly from the testing agency to Walnut Hill School for the Arts.

You do not need to submit an official DuoLingo assessment if you have lived and studied in the United States—or another majority native English-speaking country—for four or more consecutive academic years.

What does DuoLingo test?

DuoLingo is an online test and includes grammar and vocabulary exercises, a brief writing sample, and a short video interview. The test can be accessed 24 hours a day and Walnut Hill will receive the results from DuoLingo within two business days. To access the DuoLingo English test, please visit the DuoLingo website. There is a $49 fee associated with the assessment, paid directly to DuoLingo.

How do I send my DuoLingo English Test results to Walnut Hill?

Once you receive certified test results, you can log into your DuoLingo account, click on the “Send Results” button next to your test results, and select Walnut Hill School for the Arts.

What happens next?

Learn about the Application Process

What if I have questions?

We are happy to help answer any questions!  Please reach out to us at and we will get back to you.


Walnut Hill School for the Arts is committed to providing a supportive environment for international students. We offer a variety of programs and support systems designed to promote a healthy and easy transition to life here at Walnut Hill and in the United States:

  • F-1 Student Visa Support
  • SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) Administration
  • New International Student Orientation
  • Cultural Adjustment Support
  • Campus Programs and Events

The International Student Coordinator oversees the effort to provide a welcoming and supportive learning environment for international students. The International Student Coordinator works with international and domestic students, faculty, and various departments to cultivate a school climate that promotes positive learning experiences for our international students. In collaboration with the arts and academic faculties, along with the Residential Life and Student Services resources, the coordinator organizes activities that develop skills and appreciation for building intercultural understanding and relationships.

The school buildings, including dormitories, are closed for Thanksgiving Break (one week in November), Winter Break (two weeks in December), and Spring Break (two weeks in March). During the breaks, all boarding students must return home or visit relatives and friends. For international students who need assistance in finding accommodations during the breaks, the International Student Coordinator will help arrange homestays in the local area. Additional costs may be associated with homestays.


The New International Student Orientation is designed to ensure that students become familiar with school life before classes begin. Students learn about the school programs, policies, and practices in ways that are relevant to them as new students, as well as participate in activities that will acclimate them to the School and its surrounding areas. All new international students are required to attend Orientation.

English Language Learning (ELL) Program

For students who are learning English as a second language, the World Languages Department provides ELL courses that are taken in lieu of English courses offered by the Humanities Department. The credits earned through ELL courses will count as English credit and toward the graduation requirement. A placement test is administered during Orientation to determine the appropriate classes for international students.

For more about the ELL program, please click here.