Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Writing, Film & Media Arts Portfolio Requirements

All students applying to the Writing, Film & Media Arts Department must submit a portfolio to be reviewed by a member of the artistic faculty. Reviews of submitted material generally occur between October and May as well as during the summer session at the discretion of the department director.

Please choose one of the three options outlined below to serve as the portfolio of your application.

Portfolio Options & Guidelines

Option A: Writing Submission

A writing portfolio consisting of original work that best represents who you are as a writer. It should contain 2-4 pieces of writing total from one or more of the following genres: poetry, fiction (short stories or brief excerpts from novels), playwriting/screenwriting, or creative nonfiction (personal essay or reflective essay—not an academic essay).

Option B: Video Submission

A short film or video (no longer than 10 minutes in length) in any style including live action, experimental, documentary, or animation. Please accompany the submission with a statement that clearly describes your personal contribution to the film (for example you might have written the screenplay and directed the film, or perhaps instead filmed and edited a film that a friend directed).

Option C: Storyboard Submission

A series of 10 to 15 still images arranged in an order that you feel tells a story. The images can be drawings, photographs that you took yourself, found images (from magazines, the internet, etc.). Please submit a short accompanying paragraph that illuminates or explains the story that you are trying to tell and credit any images that are not your own.

Portfolio Submission

We ask that each applicant submit portfolio one (1) week prior to his/her review date on campus. If unable to attend an in-person portfolio review, applicants should submit via SlideRoom and contact to schedule a Skype review with a member of the Writing, Film & Media Arts faculty. Digital portfolios should follow the same guidelines as listed above and be submitted one (1) week prior to Skype review.