Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Visual Art Portfolio Requirements

Portfolios for review should consist of the following. You may submit the items digitally, or bring them with you to your portfolio review.


1. Portfolio

Portfolios should contain a minimum of four works. Please include the following information for each piece of your portfolio:

1. Title of work
2. Scale of work
3. Materials/media used
4. Description of work and inspiration behind it


2. Freeform Drawing

Please also include an original, freeform drawing. Arrange clothes or shoes from your wardrobe in a clear space in front of you. Using graphite or charcoal, sketch what you see.


3. Sketchbook

Sketchbooks offer important insights into the creative process of an applicant. Applicants are encouraged to bring their most recent sketchbook at the time of a portfolio review.


Digital Audition Submissions

If unable to attend an in-person portfolio review, students may submit a video audition using Slideroom. Digital audition submissions should follow the same guidelines as listed above.