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Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Dance Audition Requirements

All students applying to the Dance Department must complete a dance audition in the form of a ballet class. Live auditions occur between October and May. Auditions may be scheduled over the summer at the discretion of the Director of Dance. Video auditions are accepted year-round.

Audition Options

Fall and Spring Dance Audition Days

Each fall and spring, Walnut Hill School for the Arts offers select dates for applicants to audition for the Dance Department. The auditions typically take place in October, November, and April. The day begins at 8:30am and includes a tour of campus, a ballet audition class, and applicant and parent interviews. There will also be an opportunity to meet with the Director and Associate Director of Dance for a Q&A session.

The Fall Dance Audition Days take place before the January 15 priority deadline so they are ideal for applicants who would like to complete the audition process early in the admission cycle. The Spring Dance Auditions Days take place after the priority deadline so they are ideal for applicants who wish to apply later in the admission cycle.

Pre-registration is required to attend these audition dates, please  click here to complete a Pre-Registration form and then  click here to complete the Audition Form which must be turned in on the day of the audition along with a first arabesque photograph.

Fall Dates:
October 15, 2018
November 9, 2018

Spring Dates:
April TBA, 2019
May TBA, 2019

National Dance Audition Tour

CLICK HERE FOR 2018 Dates and locations!

Each January, we conduct a national audition tour to select dancers who wish to apply to the Dance Department, Summer Dance, and Summer Youth Dance. The national audition tour dates and locations vary each year. Auditioning for the Dance Department during the national audition tour is ideal for applicants who are unable to visit our campus for the fall auditions. Because these auditions take place before and not long after our priority deadline of January 15, we recommend that dancers applying to the Dance Department complete all application requirements prior to auditioning.

There will be a thirty minute registration period prior to the start of the audition class unless otherwise noted. Students should arrive during the designated registration time to fill out a registration sheet and hand in the audition/application fee and photo.

While pre-registration is not required, it is highly encouraged. Please click here to complete a Pre-Registration form online, and print/complete a Day of Audition Registration Form which must be turned in on the day of the audition along with a first arabesque photograph.

Video Audition Submission

If unable to attend a live audition, students may submit a recorded audition using Slideroom. Dancers must also submit the Audition Registration Form and first arabesque photograph. Please send the form via email to The photograph can be uploaded to Slideroom.

Digital audition submissions should be no longer than 10 minutes and must showcase barre and center work. Do not submit performance clips. Video recordings must include the following:

  • Introduction (Full name, program for which you are auditioning i.e. Dance Department)
  • Barre (3-5 brief combinations, one side only)
  • Center
  • Tendus
  • Adagio
  • Pirouettes
  • Grand allegro


Audition Guidelines

Each year, Walnut Hill School for the Arts offers a variety of audition dates and locations for students interested in the Dance Department. The audition consists of a ninety minute ballet class including barre and center work. Pointe work will not be evaluated at this audition however all dancers must have a minimum of one year of pointe experience prior to attending the audition. Students will be evaluated based on technical ability, strength, and potential.

Dress Code

All dancers participating in an audition must adhere to the required dress code.

Girls should wear pink tights, pink ballet slippers and a solid leotard in any color. Canvas or leather ballet slippers are acceptable. Hair should be neatly pulled back and away from the face. Girls do not need to bring pointe shoes.

Boys should wear a fitted white leotard or tee shirt, black tights, and black ballet slippers or white ballet slippers with white ankle socks. Canvas or leather ballet slippers are acceptable. All dancers must remove jewelry, warm-ups, and skirts before class begins.


All dancers must submit a photograph of first arabesque. The image should be in standard 4×6 or 5×7 size and do not need to be professional quality. The applicant’s name should be written on the back of the photograph.

The photograph must be taken in a dance studio and students must wear appropriate attire, including shoes (see Dress Code). Ladies should take the photograph on pointe.