Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

What is Walnut Hill’s philosophy regarding financial aid?

Walnut Hill School for the Arts is fully committed to enrolling a diverse student body: diverse in terms of interests, talents, race, ethnicity, and economic background. To this end, Walnut Hill has developed a financial aid program to promote access to the School for all qualified students, regardless of family financial circumstances. While Walnut Hill firmly adheres to the principle that the primary responsibility for the costs associated with a student’s education lies with the family, we do understand that financial aid will be necessary to enable some students to attend. The goal of the financial aid program is to bridge the gap, as best we can with given limited resources, between what a family can reasonably be expected to contribute and what it actually costs to attend Walnut Hill.

What is “demonstrated need?”

"Demonstrated need" is the difference between the amount your family can be expected to contribute to the cost of your student's education and the amount of annual tuition at Walnut Hill.

Do you offer merit-based scholarships to academic year students?

Walnut Hill School for the Arts does not offer merit-based financial aid for the academic year. All financial aid awards are based on demonstrated need. 

What percent of Walnut Hill students receive financial aid?

Approximately 38% of students receive financial aid.

What does financial aid cover?

Your financial aid award reflects the cost of tuition. It does not cover any fees.

When will I be notified of the Financial Aid Committee’s decision?

For families who have followed the procedures set forth, financial aid decisions for new students will be mailed with the offer of admission by March 10. For returning students, decisions will be mailed with re-enrollment contracts.

What are the chances of receiving financial aid after the February 1 deadline?

Financial aid awards are made on a funds-available basis. Once all of the funds have been allocated, it is unlikely that additional funding will open up. From time to time, however, financial aid funds do become available.

Do I have to re-apply for financial aid every year?

Yes.  Since a family’s financial circumstances may change, we require you to re-apply for financial aid every year.  If your family situation remains the same, you should expect a similar percentage of financial aid while understanding that tuition and fees will rise slightly each year.  

What if I am separated or divorced?

For parents who are separated or divorced, Walnut Hill requires that a financial aid application be submitted by each parent/family.

Will applying for financial aid affect my admission decisions?

Possibly. While Walnut Hill grants approximately $3.8M each year, it is not enough to cover all of the families who apply for aid.  As a result, we cannot accept all admissible financial aid applicants.

Will my financial aid award include loans?

No. Walnut Hill financial aid awards are grants based on financial need. There is no repayment required.

Who has access to my financial information?

The financial information you submit in support of your financial  aid application is held in strict confidence by the Financial Aid Committee. All financial aid awards are confidential agreements between you and the School. Walnut Hill does not share information with any other party, thus you may not discuss financial aid information with anyone other than a member of the Financial Aid Office.