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One of the most asked questions to our office is  “How much financial aid will my family receive?”

We recognize that every family has its own unique financial circumstances.  Each financial aid application is reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee.  Using the information you provide in your financial aid application, we take into account such important factors as income, assets, cost of living, family size and siblings in tuition charging schools in making financial aid awards. 



​​​​​​Day student tuition for the 2019-20 school year is $48,680. Boarding tuition is $64,460.


Program and Technology Fee - $1,000
The Program and Technology Fee is assessed for all students and includes, but is not limited to, such services as:  technology support, health service, science lab, required events, ID cards, and student activities.

International Student Fee - $1,000

Optional and/or additional fees may include Secondary Lessons, Books etc. 


Tuition refund insurance protects parents and the School. It is required of all families who do not choose payment option A on the enrollment contract, and is highly recommended for all families. For details, please refer to the enclosed materials. This insurance is calculated at a rate of 1.85% of total tuition and fees (excluding the English Language Learner fee and International Student Health Insurance cost) due after any financial aid is deducted.



  • Instrumental Music Fee $5,300
  • Jazz Music Fee $5,300
  • Vocal Music Fee $4,300
  • Composition Student Fee $4,300

The fees cover 30 weeks of private lessons for instrumentalists and jazz students as well as one large ensemble. Vocal students receive 28 weeks of private lessons that include a weekly voice and secondary instrument lesson, a vocal coaching, as well as one large ensemble. Composition students receive 28 weeks of private lessons in composition. The private lesson fee does not cover additional or secondary lessons beyond that which is described here, nor does it fully cover lesson costs of a very small number of highly sought-after teachers. Students may elect to take additional classes or large ensembles at NEC for which they will also be billed.

Optional and/or additional fees may include Secondary Lessons, Books etc. 


WFMA Program Fee - $500

This fee covers the use and maintenance of technology and equipment digital media and other specialized supplies for the Writing, Film & Media Arts program. In addition, all WFMA students receive use of a laptop for the duration of their program, which includes all program-related software.


ELL Program - $2,100

2018-2019 Income/Family Tuition Contribution Amounts at Walnut Hill School for the Arts

$0-$75,000 $11,073 $480 $36,280
$75,000-$125,000 $18,084 $5,000 $52,280
$125,000-$175,000 $17,540 $5,000 $36,280
$175,000-$225,000 $17,055 $5,280 $32,280
$225,000-$275,000 $19,591 $6,030 $37,280
$275,000+ $31,759 $12,280 $52,280

Please note:  The wide ranges represented in each income level are indicative of each family’s unique situation. Two families may have the same income level but have completely different financial obligations. Families in the upper-income levels most often have significant factors that contribute to them qualifying for financial aid, most often this is the effect of multiple children in tuition-charging schools.


Returning Families:
January 4, 2019 - Parent Financial Statement and 4506-T due
April 1, 2019 - 2018 Tax forms due

New Families:
February 1, 2019 - Parent Financial Statement and 4506-T due
March 9, 2019 -Walnut Hill Sends Notification Of Admission And Financial Aid Decisions
April 1, 2019 -2018 Tax forms due


In addition to the completed PFS, please submit:

  • Signed copies of your 1040 tax forms, including all schedules and W-2 forms, for 2016 and 2017
  • All tax information must be uploaded to the SSS website.


In addition to the completed PFS, please submit:

  • The International Student Financial Aid Profile.
  • If you file a tax return with your government, please provide a copy of the most recent year. If no tax forms are available in your country, please submit a notarized statement from all employers as to your income and other benefits.
  • If you file with the Internal Revenue Service of the U.S., submit your 2017 IRS 1040 form as well as W-2(s) and all schedules for 2017.
  • Please translate any documentation not in English.
  • All of this documentation should be uploaded to your account on the SSS website.  

Note:  There is limited financial aid available for students who are not United States citizens or permanent residents. For these students, financial aid awards cannot exceed half the total cost of tuition. For 2018–2019, our boarding tuition is $62,280.