Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Student Expectations

Boarding Students

We hope to post housing assignments the week prior to arrival. We appreciate in advance your graciousness around housing assignments, as there are many factors we need to consider in order to design our residential plan. In Quarter 3, boarding students will be housed in singles, doubles, and triples based on artistic need and grade level. Please reach out to Dean of Students Melissa Cassel at with any questions or concerns.


There will be specific information related to health and safety protocols within the dormitory given as part of the pre-arrival orientation sessions, once students arrive on campus. Please review the Campus Arrival Procedures.

Alone in their own dormitory room, students can be without their mask, with the door closed. However, in all other areas of the dormitory, and when a student has anyone else in their room, masks must be worn at all times except when showering or brushing their teeth. Students may only have one visitor at a time in their room, and must socially distance. No one except the dorm residents will be allowed in the dormitories for any reason.

Visitation will not be allowed at the start of any quarter/arrival period, even by family members. Visitation policies may be opened/updated as possible based on current health recommendations.

Please follow this list to see what items you should pack for school. This year we are asking students to pack lightly and will not allow any rugs or other furniture to be brought to campus. While we hope we will not have to shut down for any reason once we return to campus, having less in their room will make this easier, should it be necessary. Please note, during Quarter 3, double or triple rooms will be used, so having less in their room will be more welcoming for potential roommates.

Every resident will have individual and collective responsibilities and chores, such as keeping their own room tidy (we will have daily room checks), disinfecting high-touch surfaces in their room, and keeping common rooms clean. Together, students and their dormmates will take care of their homes on campus.

All meals will be “grab and go” from the dining hall, with pick up during assigned times, and meals eaten outside and socially distanced, or in student rooms or other areas where social distancing is possible. Preparing food on their own will be very limited, and no take-out will be allowed for any reason.

We expect that all students will do their best to build safe, inclusive, supportive, and respectful residential spaces. We expect you to embrace new friends, build connections, and prioritize relationship-building with peers and adults. We will provide appropriate programming and supportive dorm parents to help facilitate this.

Day Students

Day Students will be asked to observe social distancing and face mask use when away from campus, and to limit their exposure to activities other than school/home per the Community Commitment Agreement.

Day students will be provided with socially distant study areas and eating areas. Day Student dormitory affiliations will not be active at the start of the year and day students will not be able to spend the night on campus.

As with boarding students, all meals will be “grab and go” from the dining hall, with pick up during assigned times, and meals eaten outside and socially distanced, or in student rooms or other areas where social distancing is possible.


If you have questions that aren't addressed by this website, we welcome you to reach out.

Health & Safety
Beth Minnucci, School Nurse

Residential Life
Melissa Cassel,
Dean of Students

Susanne Carpenter
Assistant Head of School

Karen Loder,
Director of Admission & Financial Aid

Ben Gregg,
Director of Academic Studies

Niki Conraths,
Director of Artistic Studies

External Resources

Dial 211
Massachusetts 24/7 information about COVID-19 in 150 languages

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World Health Organization, Coronavirus