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Hybrid Program

Walnut Hill On-Campus and Online

In the hybrid program, students will return to campus for at least two (and possibly 3) of the four quarters of the year. In the quarters where a student is not on campus they will have the full Walnut Hill experience online. We know a return to campus is an important next step. The hybrid program prioritizes a safe, flexible learning environment for our students allowing them to participate in both smaller, in-person classes. We anticipate students taking online classes using technology so that students do not need to physically be in the classroom at the same time to be able to participate seamlessly in the hybrid environment. The hybrid program prioritizes both health and safety and the face-to-face experience. It will include both on-campus and online elements with students returning to campus for different quarters based on their majors.

In an effort to limit interactions and classroom density, courses will be offered as both in-person and online experiences.  In-person classes will take place in the studios, theaters, and classrooms with physical distancing guidelines in place and will be complemented with online classes that students will participate in from either in their dorm room (boarding students) or at home (day students). The hybrid program is designed to make use of the on-campus resources needed to experience art making and learning as a collaborative exercise while also ensuring student engagement, virtual collaboration and individual growth in an online experience.

In the quarters when students are not on campus, they will participate in Walnut Hill Online as outlined below. Our goal is to have all students on campus by the fourth quarter so that we can end the year together.

Walnut Hill Hybrid Program Schedule

Quarter 1 quarter 2 quarter 3 quarter 4
Aug. 24–
Oct. 21, 2020
Nov. 2–
Jan. 27, 2021
Feb. 8–
Apr. 2, 2021
Apr. 14–
Jun. 18, 2021
  On Campus:
Visual Art
On Campus:
Visual Art

On Campus:
All Majors*

All Majors

*(Pending approval by state, local and federal health authorities)


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Health & Safety
Beth Minnucci, School Nurse

Residential Life
Melissa Cassel,
Dean of Students

Susanne Carpenter
Assistant Head of School

Karen Loder,
Director of Admission & Financial Aid

Ben Gregg,
Director of Academic Studies

Niki Conraths,
Director of Artistic Studies

External Resources

Dial 211
Massachusetts 24/7 information about COVID-19 in 150 languages

CDC Travel Information
CDC Information on Coronavirus
World Health Organization, Coronavirus