Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Arts Program Update: 2020–2021 Overview

Dance Program Overview

This year marks the launch of our new partnership, Boston Ballet’s Professional Division at Walnut Hill directed by Margaret Tracey. Designed to reflect Boston Ballet’s repertory, a carefully crafted curriculum trains well-rounded, versatile dancers to prepare them for the demands of today’s evolving dance world. Curriculum includes Technique, Pointe, Men’s Class, Variations and Repertoire, Modern, Character, and Conditioning. On campus during Q2, you will develop your own choreographic voice through a student led Collaborative Choreography Course, building community and self advocacy skills. 

Theater Program Overview

Director Joe Cabral and the theater faculty are looking forward to seeing you! Our theater training incorporates a variety of techniques and is actor-centric. It combines acting, movement, voice and speech and musical theater in order to form a solid technique and approach to the craft. Classes will include Acting, Acting the Song, Playwriting, Audition Technique, Shakespeare, Movement for the Actor (includes jazz, tap, and musical theatre dance styles) and four semesters of Design and Production. We will continue to offer master classes with leading college and conservatory instructors and professional artists, many of whom are alumni.

Writing, Film & Media Arts Program Overview

Each WFMA student will meet with director Margaret Funkhouser at the start of the school year and decide on a schedule that works best with their learning location and interests. Classes may include Film Production, Modern Media, Documentary Film, Poetry, Nonfiction, Songwriting, Fiction, Photography, Screenwriting, and Playwriting. Students will be placed in two or three classes per quarter, taking a minimum of 8 classes by the end of the year to receive credit. They will also participate in Open Studio and other department-wide projects every quarter.

Music Program Overview

This fall marks a return to our comprehensive core music curriculum, with thoughtful accommodations based on changing safety guidelines. Each concentration–classical instrumental, voice, composition, and jazz–follows a specialized program taught by Walnut Hill faculty and through our partnership with New England Conservatory. Students will continue to participate in the NEC Prep program, scheduled mainly on Saturdays. Our on-campus schedule allows for intensive musical instruction balanced with important time for individual practice. Director Jennifer Elowitch and the music faculty will also be available for one-on-one meetings with students.

Visual Arts Program Overview

The Visual Arts program is scheduling classes to meet the needs of many students in different timezones. Students can expect their usual curriculum of painting, drawing apparel, ceramics, 3D materials, Printmaking, Digital Media and Photo as well as workshop on special topics. Director Jim Woodside and Visual Arts faculty is also available for the usual one-on-one and small group studio time that was very popular in the spring.

Who to Contact

Nicola Conraths

Director of Artistic Studies

Joseph Cabral

Director of Theater

Jennifer Elowitch

Director of Music

Margaret Funkhouser

Director of Writing, Film & Media Arts

Margaret Tracey

Director of Boston Ballet School’s Professional Division at Walnut Hill

Jim Woodside

Director of Visual Art