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World Languages Introduction

Welcome! Bienvenue! ¡Bienvenidos! The World Languages Department at Walnut Hill teaches language and encourages cross-cultural exploration in an immersive environment. Students are required to use only the target language to engage in class, even at the introductory level. We place particular emphasis on speaking, and students hone their skills through active participation via story-telling, routine conversations, presentations, and debates. Our courses celebrate language, culture, and personal growth, and we strive to prepare students to be empathetic and curious citizens of a global community.

We offer Spanish, French, and English Language Learning (ELL), and all of our courses are taken for two quarters and in sequence. Levels IA and IB in French and Spanish, and levels A and B in ELL Intermediate and ELL Advanced need to be taken consecutively over the course of the same school year. You will find below a listing of our course offerings.

Language placement will take place via Zoom over the next two weeks, from July 27th until August 5th. Students will need to sign up for a time slot and should not prepare in advance for the placement test.

  • French & Spanish
  • English Language Learning (ELL)
    • Placement applies to all students for whom English is not their native or primary language
    • Students will need to sign up for two consecutive (back-to-back) time slots here

Please reach out if you have any questions regarding our placement and program. We look forward to meeting you!


Monica Lee
Head of World Languages Department

2020–2021 World Language Course Offerings

Who to Contact

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Jen Donabed

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Benjamin Gregg

Director of Academic Studies
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Thomas Keenan

Science and Mathematics Department Head, Westerly Dorm Head
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Monica Lee

Head of World Languages
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Director of Academic Support