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Math Placement

From all of us at the Math Department - Welcome to Walnut Hill!
These tests are designed to help place in you a math course that will be challenging but where you will find success. It is very important that you do your own work on this test and that you not receive any help. Remember, this is not for a grade, this is to help us help you grow in your math skills. Please do not use any notes, online help, textbooks, or help from others. You may use a calculator.
Do not worry if you cannot do all the problems. You are not expected to get them all right or to have studied all of the topics that appear on the test. If you have no idea how to approach a problem on the test, just leave it blank. Do your best and help us to give you the math class that will work best for you.


  1. Decide which test you will take and download it. You may choose to print it or you can just leave it open on your computer.
    • Students who have selected Geometry or Algebra 2A for next year should take the Algebra 1 placement test.
      DOWNLOAD Algebra 1 test PDF
    • Students who have selected Algebra 2B or Precalculus should take the Algebra 2 placement test.
      DOWNLOAD Algebra 2 test PDF
    • Students who selected Algebra 1, Statistics or Math Applications do not need to take a placement test.
    • Students who have selected Calculus should take the Precalculus placement test. DOWNLOAD Precalculus test PDF
  2. Open up the Math Placement Test, complete the informational answers at the top of this form, then jump right into the test questions.
    • Be sure you are matching up the numbers on the test with the numbers on the answer form.
    • If you don't know how to approach a problem at all, don't worry! Just leave it blank and move on.
    • Please take no more than 2 hours to complete the test.
  3. When you have done your best work with the test, just click SUBMIT at the bottom and you're done!
Thank you, and again, welcome!
The Walnut Hill Mathematics Department