Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Math & Science Introduction

The Math & Science program at Walnut Hill provides young artists with an opportunity to use reasoning and logical problem solving to make sense of patterns in the world around them.  Now more than ever, a sound foundation in using objective evidence to evaluate claims is a vital skill in a rapidly changing landscape.

There will be two major changes to the program this year.  Firstly, all Math courses will run year-long allowing students to continually practice the skills they need to stay sharp when using the “language” of Mathematics.  Secondly, Science courses will be broken into two quarter-long components, each worth half a credit. Please find more details about the Math & Science program below.

We look forward to embarking on what promises to be a thrilling journey into online and in-person learning with our students this year.


Tom Keenan
Head of Math & Science

2020–2021 Math & Science Course Offerings

Who to Contact

For course availability and changes

Jen Donabed

For policies, requirements, other info

Benjamin Gregg

Director of Academic Studies
For info on Math & Science courses

Thomas Keenan

Science and Mathematics Department Head, Westerly Dorm Head
For info on World Language courses

Monica Lee

Head of World Languages
For info on Humanities courses

Jason Stumpf

Humanities Department Head
For info on Academic Support

Sayrona Gifford

Director of Academic Support