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COVID-19 Information

Updated December 14, 2020

We are in the middle of Quarter 2 at Walnut Hill and looking at the successes and challenges of the past quarter, and what this means for students and families in Quarter 3. For students on campus, they have seen our team put the highest priority on keeping everyone in the community safe. That has included weekly testing, daily monitoring via the mymedbot app, and ongoing test result assessment––in addition to social distancing protocols and vigilant cleaning and sanitizing methods across campus. (For a COVID-19 testing dashboard, please visit this page) All students, both on campus and remote, have seen a change in teaching methods via Zoom with the introduction of the Hy-flex teaching model that many schools have had to use in order to engage students remotely.
It has been such a joy to welcome students back to campus for this past quarter, and we know that across the world many other Walnuts are feeling the lack of being on campus and the opportunity to engage with friends and teachers, and to practice their art in person and with their creative community. Because we feel confident that the protocols we have put in place on campus will continue to keep the community safe, we have made the decision to have all students in all majors return to campus in person for Q3. (Note: this is different from our original plan to only bring certain majors back to campus in certain quarters.)


If you have questions that aren't addressed by this website, we welcome you to reach out.

Health & Safety
Beth Minnucci, School Nurse

Residential Life
Melissa Cassel,
Dean of Students

Susanne Carpenter
Assistant Head of School

Karen Loder,
Director of Admission & Financial Aid

Ben Gregg,
Director of Academic Studies

Niki Conraths,
Director of Artistic Studies

External Resources

Dial 211
Massachusetts 24/7 information about COVID-19 in 150 languages

CDC Travel Information
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World Health Organization, Coronavirus