Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Walnut Hill students win 17 Gold Keys in the regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

February 26, 2020

WFMA Scholastic Art Award Winners

Walnut Hill School for the Arts students from multiple majors were recognized for both visual arts and writing in the 2020 Massachusetts Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

The students received a total of 47 awards, including 17 Gold Keys, 12 Silver Keys, and 18 Honorable Mentions.

Regional Scholastic Art & Writing Award winners receive local recognition through exhibitions and ceremonies. As entrants in the Massachusetts Art Region, award-winning students from Walnut Hill will be celebrated at Tufts University. Gold Key award-winning work will be exhibited at the Massachusetts Scholastic Art and Writing Awards regional exhibition at Breed Memorial Hall, Tufts University, from March 14 through March 22. Gold Key work is also currently being reviewed at the national level in New York City by panels of creative professionals.

Founded in 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards recognize and celebrate the vision, ingenuity, and talent of creative American teenagers in grades 7–12. The Awards are presented by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to identify students with exceptional artistic and literary talent and to recognize these students through scholarships and opportunities for exhibition and publishing.

Regional Gold Key Awards

Meghana Basi ’21, Norwood, MA
Mixed Media: The Universe in a Tarot Card

Ziyan "Sandy" Jiang ’20, Shenzhen, China
Comic Art: Prison Break?
Art Portfolio: reconstruction & deconstruction
Digital Art: Dictionary of Taste

Sitong "Cindy" Liu ’21, Shenzhen, China
Film & Animation: The Fear
Digital Art: Mr. Birrab visit me at a rainy night
Digital Art: Beyond the bullet there shall be love
Digital Art: A world from tale

Oliva Na ’22, Lexington, MA
Painting: Innocence
Fashion: Snake
Painting: Untitled

Caroline Solakian ’21, Sudbury, MA
Photography: Grandma's Burial Attire
Film & Animation: The Lady and The Mime

Mia Swann ’20, Hook, United Kingdom
Film & Animation: The Lady and The Mime

Fangzhuo "Wendy" Tang ’21, Beijing, China
Ceramics & Glass: Wolf Fountain

Ruisi "Lily" Wu ’20, Shenzhen, China
Sculpture: Beef Study Lab

Nuala Kilroy ’23, Arlington, MA
Dramatic Script: Red Hood, Blue Flowers

Annie Zhu ’21, Palo Alto, CA
Poetry: pierrot

Regional Silver Key Awards

Sitong "Cindy" Liu ’21, Shenzhen, China
Ceramics & Glass: Cry Baby

Shie Ro ’21, Pudong, China
Painting: Dream
Drawing & Illustration: Out of Body

Fangzhou "Wendy" Tang ’21, Beijing, China
Painting: New York Chaos
Mixed Media: No Prison Break

Ruisi "Lily" Wu ’20, Shenzhen, China
Comic Art: Mr. Zhang
Painting: The Fathers

Jiatong "Olivia" Yu ’22, Yantai, China
Film & Animation: Snail and Salt

Natasha Rawls ’21, Colonia, NJ
Poetry: Heaven Sent

Ameir Taylor ’21, Nassau, Bahamas
Personal Essay & Memoir: Seen

Youyi "Louise" Wu ’20, Beijing, China
Personal Essay & Memoir: Words in the Air

Annie Zhu ’21, Palo Alto, CA
Poetry: I Sleep With My Eyes Open

Regional Honorable Mention Award

Meghana Basi ’21, Norwood, MA
Painting: Reflection
Painting: Renaissance Love

Jingdan "Elena" Deng ’23, Wellesley, MA
Ceramics & Glass: Flower Moon

Simone Gardner ’21, Auburn, CA
Comic Art: It's You Again

Ziyan "Sandy" Jiang ’20, Shenzhen, China
Architecture & Industrial Design: Fish Project
Mixed Media: Cinema Garden

Mia Kelley-Lanser ’23, Hopkinton, MA
Future New: In the Media Lab

Sitong "Cindy" Liu ’23, Shenzhen, China
Sculpture: Coral Reef

Olivia Na ’22, Seoul, South Korea
Digital Art: Dream
Fashion: Mondrian

Youyi "Louise" Wu ’20, Beijing, China
Film & Animation: e poem

Katie Hanson ’21, Richmond, VA
Poetry: Postage

Ava Horn ’20, Bedford, NY
Personal Essay & Memoir: What I Remember

Dai "Debby" Shi ’21, Nagykovacsi, Hungary
Poetry: Lidded Eye
Dramatic Script: Faith

Jiatong "Olivia" Yu ’22, Yantai, China
Poetry: Hindsight
Poetry: 24/7

Annie Zhu ’21, Palo Alto, CA
Flash Fiction: In Hunan and in Hangzhaou

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