Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Kaleidoscope Pilot Program Comes into Focus

December 17, 2021

This January, Theater, Visual Art, and Writing, Film & Media Arts students will participate in a pilot program called Kaleidoscope that will explore Arts & Activism through interdisciplinary, student-led, collaborative learning projects.

This new effort, created by the Director of the Writing, Film, & Media Arts program Margaret Funkhouser and English Faculty Kelly Tempest, will provide an outlet for collective creativity and student expression. It’s designed to be an intensive and immersive experience, where students are empowered to lead the process, share their skills and knowledge, and draw inspiration from others in order to produce original work and build community. 

For these learning projects, students will be placed in small mixed-major groups facilitated by arts and academic faculty. Kaleidoscope will conclude with two days of interactive presentations on campus that could include installations, live performances, and process talks.

In preparation for this collaborative work, we welcomed two highly inspiring guest speakers, Georgia Stitt and Blair Russell, who spoke about the intersection of their work as artists and activists, and about their work together with leading students through interdisciplinary projects.

Georgia is an NYC-based composer/lyricist, music director, pianist, music producer, and Founder and President of Maestra, an activist organization for women musicians in the theater. Blair is a producer, developer, supporter, and lover of theater and live performance who specializes in the development of new plays and musicals. They are currently co-teaching a collaborative, interdisciplinary class at Princeton University, as part of the Atelier program.

This year’s theme of Arts and Activism empowers students to use their artistic training to amplify their influence in their communities, large and small. We expect the campus to be a hive of ideation and creation, enrichment, and growth for this three-week period.

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