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Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Catching Up With Wade Chien '93

August 24, 2019

Wade Chen

This month, we had the opportunity to chat with Wade Chien, a graduate of our Music Department who became an otolaryngology surgeon-scientist. Wade is the principal investigator for the Inner Ear Gene Therapy Program at the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, in addition to his clinical practice and assistant professorship at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Wade took the time to share with us his journey from music to medicine. 

What brought you to Walnut Hill originally, and what was your experience like as a music student here? Do you have a favorite memory from those years?

I came to Walnut Hill to study the violin. It was an incredible experience, as I could focus primarily on music-making. My favorite memories are of playing music together with other wonderful musicians at the School.

Catch us up on the years since you graduated—what did you do after Walnut Hill, and how did that lead you to the career you have now?

I am not a professional musician any more. I ended up becoming an ear surgeon at Johns Hopkins. My musical education served me well, as it taught me discipline and hard work.  

We recently celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2019. Do you have any advice for these Walnuts who are entering the world?

Work hard and keep in touch with your classmates!

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