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Walnut Hill School for the Arts

In honor of the Graduating Class of 2020, PLEASE JOIN US in filming a video tribute of our school song! 

SING, dance, play, paint, or display a message with a sign . . . any and all contributions are welcome and ENCOURAGED. This is truly about PARTICIPATION—showcasing all of our smiling faces and celebrating our graduates!

DEADLINE IS SOON! Submissions are due by 11:59 PM on May 14. 


  • Visit this YouTube Link for our Guide Video.
  • Use your phone/tablet/computer to video yourself performing along! The Lyrics are presented Karaoke Style in the Guide Video, but here’s Sheet Music and Lyric Sheets if you like (also attached).
  • Please use headphones so we don’t hear the Guide singing also.
  • DANCERS – Improvise to ANY section of the song
  • INSTRUMENTALISTS – Play ANY of the 4 choral parts
  • SINGERS – Sing the melody!
  • EVERYONE ELSE – Hold up a sign, model your WHS schwag, show your senior photo—It’s all good!
  • Save your video with your Full Name and Class Year (example file name: “SaraSessions1987”) and UPLOAD HERE. 



The Guide Video runs nearly 5 minutes. If that feels long for you, please start your recording at about 2:40 on the Guide Video – just before the “World Languages Verse” (singing English is welcome, but if you have another language, check the attached Lyrics Sheets!)

Questions? E-mail,  or


Extra Credit:

If you want to go deep, more detailed options and instructions are all listed on the YouTube Guide Video page. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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