Greetings! It is an honor to welcome you as you learn about our phenomenal school of talented young artists. Since our founding in 1893, Walnut Hill has always been adaptive and ahead of the curve in understanding what the world needs. The School was founded by intellectually astute women who understood that by giving girls equal access to a life-changing education, they could have a hand in transforming society for the better. For over seven decades, Walnut Hill developed young women with purpose, unafraid to challenge the status quo with their thinking and actions in a world that often was not ready for them.There is nowhere else where such talented young artists can take time to think deeply, question vigorously, and grow with a world-class faculty and staff to support and challenge them.





For the past five decades, our focus has been on transforming the world through the arts. The arts have always been at the forefront of social change, and we believe that pre-professional arts training, college preparatory academics designed for young artists, and a pronounced dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion are all vital aspects of a powerful education. Our students develop the mindsets and skill sets necessary to innovate in their artistic fields, and also to use creative and critical expression to dismantle systems of privilege and oppression. Social science now confirms that creativity, resilience, empathy, and collaboration are the essential skills for success in our world in the next 50 years.

At Walnut Hill, these skills are the bedrock of the experience. We teach our students to stand out—not to blend in. Walnut Hill students have the best of both worlds: a tranquil, bucolic campus in Natick, and a location that is less than 20 miles from downtown Boston—one of the foremost communities for the arts on the globe. Natick is a classic New England town where our students feel safe; they can walk down the hill to grab coffee and maybe run into one of their teachers. On the weekends, our students can take the train into Boston and enjoy all that this iconic and historic city has to offer. This powerful balance means our students can be working hard in the practice room or studio one day, and the next be soaking in a world-class performance, lecture, or art exhibition in Boston, or its neighbor Cambridge. There is no other arts school around that gives students such a rich experience.

When you meet our students, you notice that they are focused, passionate, unafraid to ask tough questions, and also love and support one another. There is nowhere else where such talented young artists can take time to think deeply, question vigorously, and grow with a world-class faculty and staff to support and challenge them. Faculty at Walnut Hill are mentors, guides, and role models who teach students how to be the best at what you do while caring for the world around you. Our alumni are some of the most accomplished and influential individuals in their professional fields across the globe. Talk to our alumni and they will say that a Walnut Hill education changed their lives, gave them lifelong friends and mentors, and that their positive experiences here will last a lifetime.

I am so thankful that you are exploring Walnut Hill, and encourage you to come to a performance, screening, or art opening, watch our videos, and read our website. Engage our admission team and do what our students do best: ask the questions most important to you to ensure Walnut Hill is where you belong. Our goal is to share with you a snapshot of the inspiration and purpose our community experiences each and every day. We are so excited to welcome you and help you begin your Walnut Hill journey.

Eric Barber
Head of School