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Antonio Viva - Head of School

On behalf of everyone at Walnut Hill I would like to formally welcome you. Walnut Hill has a rich history dating back to 1893 including over four decades dedicated to fulfilling our mission to be one of the premier arts high schools in the United States. I am often asked why I chose to become a part of this amazing community, and I have to answer that when I first arrived in 2009 I was immediately drawn to the passion and dedication each individual demonstrates across every corner of our school. As I enter into my seventh year as Head of School, I am still amazed by the passion our students and faculty bring to each day on the Hill.
This is a community of creative energy, focused minds, and caring individuals.
Our staff and faculty are among the best in their fields and bring a drive towards excellence to their work every day.

Our mission to educate talented, accomplished, and intellectually engaged young artists from all over the world is as critical today as it has ever been. In my years at Walnut Hill, I have come to fully appreciate and understand how vital our work is to the larger global conversation. It has become very clear to me how well Walnut Hill prepares students to face the challenges of the 21st century. The many and varied successes of our alumni are a powerful indicator of how a Walnut Hill education continues to serve our students well, enabling them to grow into the creative, artistic, and professional leaders of the future.

It is a time of exciting change on the Walnut Hill campus, as we reinvigorate our artistic and academic programs; witness the evolution of our new Writing, Film & Media Arts major; and open our first ever dedicated arts building, The Delbridge Family Center for the Arts. Amidst these shifts we have remained steadfast to our mission of training and educating the world’s most talented young artists, knowing that within them lies our greatest hope for a world that is more tolerant, more mindful, and more beautiful.

I look forward to sharing all that Walnut Hill School for the Arts has to offer with you and hope that you’ll be inspired to learn more about how you can become a part of our School community.

Antonio Viva
Head of School


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