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Alumni Spotlight: Patricia Davidson '83
Alumni Spotlight: Patricia Davidson '83

Trish Davidson attended Walnut Hill in the early stages of its life as a performing arts high school. She recalls the community as being "vibrant, diverse, progressive, and committed to very high academic and artistic standards." Trish especially enjoyed the international student body, as she was able to make friends from other countries and witness "how the arts bring different people together, and how a community can cultivate the strengths of individuals." Currently, Trish is a litigation partner at Mirick O'Connell, a 70-lawyer firm in Massachusetts. "My practice focuses on helping families resolve issues involving wills, trusts, and real estate as well as disputes involving family and closely held businesses," Trish tells us. "I also litigate complex business issues that arise out of breach of fiduciary duty claims, breach of contract claims, shareholder disputes, corporate dissolutions, trade secret issues, and real estate matters." Outside of work, she is involved with several nonprofit organizations, including serving on the Walnut Hill Board of Trustees.

As a lawyer, Trish feels the effect of her Walnut Hill education every day. "Law practice requires thinking creatively, understanding different points of view, knowing when to concede weaknesses and knowing when to hold your ground," she explains. "Walnut Hill cultivated the importance of collaborating and of understanding differences. My Walnut Hill experience also helped bolster my confidence—a certain amount of self-assuredness comes in handy." She emphasizes that litigation isn't all about arguing, and most of her days are spent trying to find compromises in ways that "balance legal, moral, and economic issues." Her training at Walnut Hill helped her develop an openness to different ideas, which comes in handy for her day-to-day work. "I often try to channel Walnut Hill (much more so than law school) when I need to get psyched up for a trial or hearing," Trish confesses. "Much more than once, well into middle age, I have reminded myself that 'I am a Walnut Hill girl.'"

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