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A Creative Journey from Script to Screen

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A Creative Journey from Script to Screen
A Creative Journey from Script to Screen

Inspired by the Music Department's January Project, in which regular classes are put on hold for two weeks to allow the department to explore, rehearse, and perform a single musical work, the Writing, Film & Media Arts (WFMA) Department held their own January Project this year. Titled Script to Screen, the project focused on adaptation and process, as students worked in pairs to adapt poems and stories from fall writing courses into short films. Students were given two days to write a script, one day to rehearse, two days to shoot, and two days to edit, while simultaneously acting in another film.

This compressed timeline pushed students to be flexible, collaborative, and organized as they sought creative solutions within the structure of the project. WFMA student Brianna Zuniga '17 found this structure "as equally challenging as it was transformative," and says, "I surely wouldn't have grown the way I have as an artist and collaborator without the guidelines and restraints set up for us." Working with classmate Jordan Barrant '18, Zuniga encountered challenges such as trying to stage midnight lighting at 3:00pm during their limited production time in the afternoon class periods.

The astoundingly imaginative results of this project were debuted to the School in a film screening, followed by a talkback with the artists moderated by Head of School Antonio Viva. Chili Shi '18 says of the project, "We delved into the nitty-gritty part of process, the part where things are constantly evolving and changing. . . . It was really about being okay with adapting, with looking at the circumstances and thinking, 'What can I do next?'"

WFMA Script to Screen from Walnut Hill WFMA on Vimeo.

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